Illinois Process Servers will do tasks such as filing court papers, serving legal documents and document retrieval, such as certificates of good standings.

Illinois Process Servers is a licensed and insured Private Detective Agency by the State of Illinois and John Pennell is a licensed Private Detective in the State of Illinois. By hiring Illinois Process Servers you can rest assured that the legal papers will be served in a highly effective and professional manner. Keep in mind, if papers aren’t served legally or properly, the court is not able to rule on a case relating to an individual if they were not legally made aware of it. If service is determined to be improper, the entire case may be thrown out. We take pride in providing proven, reliable and dependable service.

What is Service of Process?

Service of due process is a privilege set forth by the Constitution. All citizens of the United States hold the right to be informed of being summoned. These legal guidelines are specified in the fifth and sixth amendments of the Constitution. Process servers notify individuals of their constitutional right to due process by “serving” them with a notification that states the legal issue. By hiring a process server, these legal papers can delivered in a timely manner. Service of process is necessary to make sure that the due process of law is upheld in United States.



When Illinois Process Servers serves legal documents to a defendant or person involved in a court case, then we provide an affidavit of service (or proof of service), which will be notarized and promptly returned.



Same day retrieval Illinois Apostille service

Read more about our apostille services

Certificate of Good Standing


Same day service for an attorney certificate of good standing

Document Retrieval


We can obtain publicly available documents up request. Most document retrieval requests are fulfilled the same day. We can obtain Certificate of Good Standing. Certificates of Good Standing are issued by the state to qualifying professionals and/or companies within the state. These certificates prove that an individual and/or company is allowed to do business in the state and that it has followed the guidelines for businesses set forth by the state.

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